Quest for
high standards

We are in a constant quest for excellence in all business activities we do and at all levels of operations. Our commitment to high standards is embedded in our processes and practices. We pride ourselves on:

Meeting the highest levels of service expected from our retail partners and consumers.

Ensuring safe and cooperative work environments.

Keeping our staff well trained with thorough, professional training kit and providing our potential consumers with full product information whenever they look for. Besides, our retail partners are given access to our digital assets bank via an online portal, where they could find all useful information and digital materials for selling purpose.

Maintaining prompt and cost-effective logistics from stock management to delivery processes.

Application of technology, digital tools wherever possible that helps our staff achieve high performance.

Our people

TiPi GLOBAL becomes a market leader thanks to our people. The individual talents, hard work and commitment to excellence of each of our employees are the key to our success. We take pride in the performance of our people and reward their efforts by creating a fun, challenging and performance driven business culture. We believe in professional and personal growth and provide the necessary career development resources and tools to help our people develop the talents and skills to realize their full potential.

Our motivated workforce operates as a cohesive team, treating each other with respect and work in a fair, honest, and ethical way. We recognize that our foundation is built on our people, who undergo continuous training to develop expertise and further their management skills to deliver uncompromising quality and service.

Our people share a passion for the wellness of babies and moms and work toward the same goal: to offer the best products and services to babies and moms in Vietnam.

Our strategy puts the consumer at the heart of everything we do and this is realized by our people. It’s all about creating a culture and environment where our people can consistently thrive, be successful and ultimately enjoy working.

Our distribution

We have built up an extensive and efficient sales network. We have enjoyed great reputation and trust from retail partners by offering them high-quality brands and profitable performance. Consequently, we could obtain favorable deals from our retail partner, that helps us to be able to offer a better price for consumers and give us more room for promotion, marketing activities.

We have built an extensive distribution network including department stores, specialty stores, franchised stores and local shop chains that are able to serve different market segments.

We work closely with our retail partners to ensure that our products are well displayed and taken care of. Promotions or sales events will be jointly conducted with retailers for optimal performance.

Our marketing

We collaborate, applying our collective skills and diverse backgrounds to come up with a creative idea, a comprehensive plan and achieve higher levels of performance.

We use a combination of traditional communication methods such as Advertising, PR, Direct Marketing combined with leading edge Digital, Viral and Social Networking strategies to build brand awareness, brand loyalty.

Our marketing team is especially expertised in digital advertisement, possesses graphical skills and retail oriented.

We develop comprehensive and integrated marketing strategies that could deliver efficient results and synergized effects.

Besides, retail marketing activities are conducted with in-store display and activation throughout the year.

Our professional

We strongly believe in collaboration between businesses. In our opinion, good social connection and mutual trust are a key factor for any business success.

In Vietnam, we maintain time-proved good relationship with many professionals in retail industry and enjoy fruitful cooperation with department stores, wholesalers, shop chains, franchised stores that forms an extensive and efficient market coverage for our products.