Folding tricycle Galileo. A new “toy” with baby glue!

When the time comes to go out for a walk, run impatiently through the house, take my hand and pull me to the hallway and look at the tricycle. Since Galileo has appeared in our lives, each exit has to be with a blue tricycle, otherwise it is upset.

It’s summertime and even if we hide from the sun for most of the day, every morning and evening we try to go out for a walk with the baby. We do it both because the little one loves to get out through the courtyard of the block, in the park or wherever we choose to go (it does not matter so much because it accommodates wherever we go) and because it is healthy and recommended To go out with the child out on a daily basis. Air and sunlight are beneficial to the functioning of the body and the development of the small one, it helps to strengthen the immune system and has beneficial effects on sleep. Also, walks are true treasure hunt for kids because they discover new things around them. I see an insect, an animal, a pebble, interact with other children, admire the sky, etc., all of which contribute to their harmonious development and influence their state of well-being.

Every time I tell Damian we go out for a walk, joy and positive energy is read on his face. He knows that we go first to dress clothes out, sit next to me and wait well to prepare for me, and then he draws me impatiently to the hall where the Galileo tricycle is parked. It’s his favorite car, so without her we can not get out of the house.

I’ve already learned to prepare the things I need to get out of time so we do not have to go through an upset crisis due to the child’s lack of patience. So, I take a little gentle with me, with a bowl of water, wet / dry napkins, a fruit, a toy (I ask him what toy we’d prefer to take with us), my wallet and my phone. Once we’re ready, we go out in front of the block and decide what we’re doing next. Damian is not very pretentious. From the moment he boarded the tricycle, he is proud and calm on her and is waiting to start the journey. If we meet with other children on the street, they look delightful and curious at the wheel of the tricycle and just after a few minutes gives me signs that she wants to get down and fly next to them. When one of the children approaches the tricycle, Damian runs quickly towards him and tells him that he wants to get them at the wheel. He’s jealous and he’s still learning to share things with others.

Even if he has a lot of “vehicles” to go out: a red car, a black motorcycle, a blue tricycle, a yellow trout, a sports cart and a Galileo tricycle, the latter is his favorite. We have it for more than a month, and even if we come out almost daily with her, Damian is not yet bored. ?


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