Total Market Solution


E-commerce maintains its popular trend and keeps growing rapidly. Besides, more tools and applications are invented, upgraded, integrated for the purpose of facilitating online trading. Consequently, sellers could take advantage of e-commerce to reach more customers at minimal cost and with least management effort while buyers could shop at ease with minimal concern for any issue regarding the product quality, after-sale service, delivery, …

We operate our own e-commerce site,, which is currently one of the most specialized and professional e-commerce site for Baby Goods & Kids Toys, that has a mission to offer high quality products to Vietnamese parents and children. offers a full assortment from diapers, infant feeding, strollers, car seats, bikes to clothing, nersery, vitamins, … from a list of strong brands such as Looping, Aprica, Graco, Merries, Fisher Price, Lego, Hape, Munchkin, Eventflo, Kidsme, …to name a few.

In addition, we sell and promote our products through most popular local online market places such as,,,, …

We place great focus on e-commerce and our online sales is expected to contribute bigger and bigger proportion.

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