TiPi GLOBAL is a comprehensive market developer specialized in the field of baby goods and toys. We conduct importation, distribution, retail as well as market expansion and brand building activities.

Our objective is to provide Vietnamese parents with products and services of the very best quality, efficacy, and safety, and to demonstrate responsibility in everything we do. We offer products which best care for babies, entertain them and help them learn & play & explore the world! Our products are to help young mothers take care of their child in a comfortable, confident manner. We strive to meet an increasing demand for smart and high-quality products from local parents. Rapidly growing economy accompanied with an increasing high-income class creates great potential for mid-to-high-end products.

We work as an exclusive distributor for a number of well-known brands ranging from strollers, infant feeding, baby toiletries … to infant toys, tricycles, balance bikes, and scooters. We are proud that many brands we have carried are enjoying extensive presence in the market and become a household name for consumers.

Since its foundation in 2018 by experienced and innovative minds, TiPi GLOBAL aims to take advantage of all digital tools available to market our products extensively, make full product information available to potential consumers, make products reachable with just a handphone click, and ensure consumers that we are just nearby and ready to help, to support, to solve problems whenever they need.



The most active market leader with a broad range of safe, innovative, preferred brands.


A house of dedicated, skilled members who know how to cooperate to achieve the best performance.


The most capable and desirable market developer who ensures a sustainable success of brands.


For TiPi GLOBAL, digitalization is about applying digital tools across all levels of operations, to help our people improve their performance, to market products more extensively, to reach consumers faster, to elevate the experience of consumers, and to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Our focus on safety, product performance, services, and consumer satisfaction has remained unwavering as we have built our business to be the leader in providing mom & baby products. Based on our deep understanding of local parents, we push the boundaries of experiences and services. We accomplish these goals following our strategy, which is enabled by a mindset of creativity and innovation across all dimensions of our business.

Our strategy is essential for driving significant growth and keep TiPi GLOBAL productive and competitive in the market.


We are comprised of young and innovative individuals in the retailing industry, who constantly strive to find the best approach to achieve goals in Today’s ever-changing business environment, who are well prepared for applying new digital tools to maximize productivity and effectiveness.

As digital and social networks explode around the world, lifestyle is changing, consumer purchasing behavior is changing dramatically. A “social” lifestyle has emerged, which is social, connected, shared. Consumers’ expectations have shifted with this new social lifestyle: consumers expect more individualized relations with the brands they use; they expect personalized advice on choosing and using products; and they count on comfortable and more convenient purchasing experience.

TiPi GLOBAL is leading in using social media, taking most advantages of e-commerce platforms to market products, to reach consumers while building extensive online presence of our brands. Our well digitally equipped team plays a key role in our success.